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About Evelyn Blush

A Musical Journey

Evelyn Blush is a Los Angeles native artist based in the Greater Boston area. The daughter of two hard working immigrants from Nicaragua, she is inspired by the voice and struggles of POC, immigrants and all minorities including herself. Growing up in Church allowed her to tap into a deeper spiritual level, discovering the healing power music has. She often blends many sounds such as RnB, hints of Jazz, Soul accents, Rock and a hint of what she likes to call "Tracy Chapman/Lauryn Hill Folk". She has a deep passion for spiritual, emotional healing and growth of the individual through music. Evelyn Blush believes that music is one of the most powerful remedies for a broken soul. For her, music has the power to bring people together. 
This talented artist overcame countless obstacles on the way up, working every day to be a voice for her community and to keep their musical dream alive.

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